We help businesses reach new heights by bridging business and product development with tech delivery

How we see product development

Watch the video to get a brief introduction

This video is a teaser for our talk at LØFT2019, but also serves as a brief introduction to how we work with product development. Enjoy 🙂

Release your potential

Transire helps business reach new heights by improving how they work.

We work with core elements of successful digital business development: Product, tech and leadership.

Combining the three, we create organisational transformations that optimize how you deliver, and more importantly improve what you deliver: Digital products, services and features that create real value!

Product management

Providing the elements that foster an exploratory and yet systematic approach to developing new products, services and features that actually matter and create real value.

Tech team optimisation

Enabling tech organisations to deliver at required pace, and become a proactive partner in product development. A smooth, continues delivery machinery is key.


Providing the require leadership to drive change, support growth and ensure direction and alignment. Facilitating management dialogue and building strategic foundation.


Implementing new ways of working and collaborating – such as self-directing teams that work data-driven and goal-oriented instead output and delivery focussed.

"We know most of our ideas won’t work, and those that do require iteration"

Product principle #6

Source: Inspired - How to create tech products customers love, Marty Cagan

What our customers say

"Transire helped us achieve amazing results and improve employee satisfaction at the same time. It has been really awesome to learn and experience new ways of working, and seeing how this has affected all of the people involved in a positive way."


CEO, WhiteAway Group

Organisational transformation

At WhiteAway, Transire engage broadly with the tech and product organisation. Implementing continuous delivery and boost productivity in tech, setting up cross functional autonomous teams, and filling the CTO role, interim.

Result: Increased shop conversion rate

  • Team achieved a 12 % increase on overall shop conversion rate over two quarters. 5 % in the first quarter, and 7 % in the following quarter

Focus areas and outcomes of Transire engagement:

  • Filling the CTO role interim (1 year)
  • Implementing continuous delivery in tech to increase release cycle
  • Increased Product and UX maturity working user centric and data-driven
  • Implementing OKRs as goal setting framework for product and tech to focus on outcomes instead of outputs
  • Setting up cross-functional, autonomous optimization team across, product, UX business and tech

Product discovery, squads and OKRs

At FirstAgenda, Transire assisted the product and tech organisation in working more exploratory, user-centric and data-driven with product development.

Result: Increased product performance

  • 3x on-boarding success rate for new users
  • 2-3x increases on mail conversion rates

Focus areas and outcomes of Transire engagement

  • Implementing OKRs as goal setting framework establishing organisational focus on outcomes instead of outputs
  • Organisational transition implementing cross-functional, autonomous teams (squads)
  • Transition to higher agile maturity level in the tech organisation
  • Increased Product and UX maturity level working with hypotheses in a user centric and data-driven way

"It made everything easier that I had one place to go to that covers all the elements needed for making the transformation we did. Transire managed to understand our business, and helped us build the competencies to reach new heights in product development and achieve impressive results.

We now work at a higher cadence and are able to focus on what really matters and makes a difference for the customer."


CTO, FirstAgenda A/S


You are using personas / user types, right??

Describing your core users is arguably valuable - maybe even essential - yet, why is a basic tool like describing user types (or personas) missing in many organisations?

In this article, we address some of the pitfalls, and look at what and how to do, in order to make user types actionable.

06 NOV 2019

The team

Janus Gitz-Johansen

Product and tech leadership

Christian Dürr

Teams and tech delivery

...And like minded

We collaborate with industry leading subject matter experts to have optimum impact in our client engagements.

"Functionality, design, technology are inherently intertwined"

Product principle #5

Source: Inspired - How to create tech products customers love, Marty Cagan

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